We must apologize when we are wrong

Feedblitz A little business, first.  I have found Bloglet to be generally unreliable in delivering my posts to those who subscribe to the Men of the Vineyard blog.  I have changed to FEEDblitz, a service that will now deliver the posts to my blog. 


Now, here are 6 tips for apologizing effectively that I just read and really like by Scott Libin from the Poynteronline Sept. 19 newsletter, a newsletter geared primarily to those in journalism leadership and management:

1.  Take ownership.  Don’t make excuses.  In other words, own your own stuff.

2.  Take your time.  Don’t rush through an apology like you just want to get the task behind you.  I’m guilty of that!

3.  Be sincere.  A hollow apology is worse that none at all.  "Okay, I’m sorry.  Are you happy?"

4.  Be specific.  Explain what you regret (name it) and why.  "Yesterday morning at the 10am meeting I said you talk way too much in meetings.  I regret saying that.  I sincerely apologize and ask for your forgiveness."

5.  Require nothing in return.  You apology because you’re sorry, not because you want thanks, praise or an apology of your own.

6.  Demonstrate leadership.  Show that mature professionals take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences.

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