Jesus is supreme in an age of Terror!


This past Sunday was Sept. 11.  It was the first time 9/11 had fallen on Sunday since Sept. 11. 2001.  Lots of people have written about evil and terror since 9/11, as noted by the book cover of one such book on the left.

One of the best preachers in the United States, John Piper, took the occasion to preach a sermon called "The Supremacy of Christ in an age of Terror."  In his outstanding 9/11/05 sermon Piper said, in effect, that the joy we pursue and the joy we embrace in Jesus  is always — ALWAYS IN THIS WORLD — interwoven with sorrow.

Near the end of his homily Piper said, "God’s deepest answer to terrorism and calamity is the suffering and death of his Son. He entered into our fallen world of sin and misery and death. He bore in himself the cause of it all—sin. And he bought by his death the cure for it all—forgiveness and everlasting joy in the age to come."

You can read or even listen to Piper’s sermon for yourself.  It’s very thought-provoking.  Piper always is.

Truth is, there is no unadulterated joy for people who care about others.  Emotions are not easy to sort through in this world.  There were enough emotions about 9/11 to last a lifetime.  Now add New Orleans and Biloxi, Mississippi, to your list now.  Those lined up behind Job with questions is not getting any shorter, friends.

Paul’s observation, "Sorrowful yet always rejoicing," will remain ever so relative in this life.

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