Spiritualizing your Cell Phone!

Amys_greatest_videos Amy Grant, now married to Vince Gill, can come to you via your mobile phone.  When you receive an incoming call, you can see Amy’s picture [wallpaper] show up on the screen of your phone and hear your favorite Amy worship song playing as the ringtone on your cell phone.  Check out the link.


Yep, I figure this is a good way to spiritualize your cell phone.  Hey, it just costs a couple of bucks.  Is that too much to ask to have your phone spiritualized? 

Once you get it set up you can try this:  Occasionally ask your friends to call you during your quiet time so you can hear one of Grant’s favorite hits playing for a few seconds while you read and ponder the Bible. 

Is this what the church fathers had in mind when they were writing about reflection and meditation?

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