Very Hard Work but well worth it!

Very_good_marriage_2 I do like the title of the book on the left.  I can describe a very good marriage in three words that also uses the word very — very hard work!  But I’d add three more essential words after very hard work — well worth it.

Having just passed the 27-year mark of marriage to my beautiful wife, here are 10 things my love for my wife allow me to give her.  These 10 commitments are part of what make my marriage so terrific:

1. space and privacy

2. the freedom to Be different from me

3. the freedom to disagree

4. the right to be heard

5. the right to be taken seriously

6. the right to be given the benefit of the doubt

7. the right to be told the truth

8. the right to be consulted

9. the right to be imperfect and make mistakes

10. the right to my courteous and honorable treatment at all times

Marriage is the first place that God calls me to walk out my following of Jesus.  So I have a question.  Are you honoring your spouse in good and appropriate ways that allow you to say of your marriage — very hard work but well worth it? 

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