Some mysteries you cannot know

Unspeakable One of the great Christian minds of our day is Os Guinness.  I’ve just finished his newest book called Unspeakable:  Facing Up to Evil in an Age of Genocide and Terror. (HarperCollins, 2005).  Though a true intellectual, Guinness will not go off and leave you.  Very good book!

Let me whet your appetite with this quotation from a chapter entitled: Why Can’t I know what I need to know?

"… the line between what we know as humans beings and what we cannot know is one we simply cannot cross.  When it comes to evil and suffering, our passion for inquiring into the why of things, our insatiable curiosity and desire to make sense of every experience of life, gets us into trouble.  At the very moment when our questioning is most insistent, it comes up against a mystery that is utterly and unfathomably impenetrable.  There is quite simply no complete and fully satisfying human answer to all the why and wherefores of evil.  Yet never is our desire to know more intense and our inability to know more frustrating and agonizing."

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