What things do you instinctly?

About a week ago, I heard Bill Hybels (Senior pastor at Willow Creek Community Church) and Marcus Buckingham (leadership guru and author of the best-selling book First Break all the Rules [Simon and Schuster]) speak via pre-recorded simulcast. 

Both gave leadership challenges to pump up pastors and leaders around the United States for Hybels’ highly-touted August leadership summit.

Buckinghamm I was particularly impressed with what Buckingham (pictured here on the left) said about talent.  He called talent "recurring behavior that we do instinctly."  Here are his four clues to talent:

1.  What do you learn quickly?    What kind of things do you do so rapidly that you don’t even have to think about it?

2.  What are you drawn toward?  If you stopped for a minute to think about it, what things in life do you really yearn for?

3.  What was the best day at work in recent days?  That is, what really satisfies you at work?

4.  What can explain your success?  What kind of performance to have to show for what you do?

We all have talents — things we do without thinking, or, as Buckingham says, "instinctly."  Try answering those four questions.  I did and it was pretty instructive.

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