Racial prejudices run very deep!

Crash If you want to take a crash course in prejudice, you have to see the new movie "Crash."  I’ve included a picture of Thandie Newton and Matt Dillion in one of the most powerful scenes in the movie.  It’s a scene where a White prejudiced cop (Dillion) rescues a Black woman (Newton) from a burning car.  Ironically, the woman he saves he had previously encountered and treated like trash because of both her color and her high social status.

In short, CRASH is an explosive, intimate drama set in Los Angeles, where racial tensions always run high.  I could best describe the movie as a nearly 2-hour pressure cooker of racial and class hatred.  It kept me glued to my chair.

In the Church, where the Scriptures tell us repeatedly that there is no Jew, Gentile, slave, free, man, woman … and no color or class barriers whatsoever, CRASH comes along and screams, "That may be true, but take a look at how broken this world really is."

If you believe in racial harmony and racial healing in the community of faith, I’d strongly encourage you to see this movie.  It’s very sobering, but it‘s a must see!

[Rated R for strong street language, and a couple suggestive Sex scenes…]

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