Real Sex in the 21st Century

Real_sex Two years ago, I read Lauren Winner’s first book called Girl Meets God.  It’s a fascinating book about how a feisty Jewish girl slowly makes her journey toward Christianity. 

Now Winner, though not yet 30-years-old, has come out with her second book called Real Sex.  While Winner is far from perfect, and openly confesses her sexual missteps, she writes with what I’d call a true pastoral sensibility, putting her "slow conversion to chastity" in the context of sociological, historical, and theological trends and interpretations.  It’s a very interesting read.

Winner thinks the 1976 book called Sex for Christians by Lewis Smedes has been one of the best books about the theology of sexuality in the past 25 years.  I couldn’t agree more.  It’s a great book I’ve read many times over.  But she thinks the language Smedes uses is pretty outdated, and she’s right about that.  Her book doesn’t take the place of Smedes’ book, but augments it nicely with the 21st-century voice of a very bright, articulate young woman.

Winner’s new book — Real Sex — would make for a great summer read…

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